Rolando, Bennett…Answer

January 7, 2013

CT, Eponyms, Extremity, Orthopedics, Trauma

I posted a radiograph earlier asking about Bennett’s and Rolando fractures.  This is the patient’s CT obtained later to further characterize the fracture:

MC Thumb fx CT 2

MC thumb fx CT

This is a Bennett’s fracture pattern.  Bennett’s is a fracture of the base of the 1st Metacarpal that involves the articulation and usually has some dislocation of the CMC (carpal-metacarpal) joint.  This fracture does have slight dislocation at the 1st CMC joint.

The Rolando’s fracture pattern is more comminuted, usually T or Y shaped comminution.  It carries a worse prognosis although the Bennett’s also has high incidence of arthritis even with optimal management.

Author:  Russell Jones, MD

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